Another UFO finished

Butterfly quilt Butterfly quilt Butterfly quilt Butterfly quilt
I was totally consumed this entire year on finishing "unfinished stuff", and it has been going great but really slow. Finally the butterfly quilt is done!

I used the "Dream On" line from Urban Chicks (Moda fabrics), together with some amazing precut kona cottons.

Now on this week's statistics
Dresden quilt: Handquilting for almost a year now...still in progress
Checkers quilt: quilting
Swoon quilt: I pieced all my blocks, and need to piece the is enormous!
Snoopy quilt: I will talk about it this week.

Summary of this week's stats:
Completed projects -1
New projects -0 (I will not start a new project until I've finished all my UFOs. I promise!!!)
Currently in progress -4

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  1. A beautiful quilt!!! Love the colours you've used.

  2. I love the colors in this quilt. Beautiful. Also, good for you not starting any new projects until all your WIPs are completed. I tried doing that last year and made it a month before I cheated and started a new project. I have no self control whatsoever! Happy New Year!