Still hand-quilting like crazy to try to finish before Christmas, my Dresden quilt (click to read more about it). It has been very pleasing finally basting this quilt and I have been learning a lot about hand-quilting. But I am still a long way to go... The worse thing is that it weighs a ton, so it is more difficult to handle. And Perle Cotton No 8 is also making my life difficult...any suggestions on needles (I am using a No 9 quilting needle), in case I am doing something wrong?

Now for my stats:
Currently in progress:
  • Butterfly quilt: still not basted
  • Checkers quilt: piecing whenever there is time.
  • Pinwheel quilt: it is in the piecing stage)
  • Hexagon english-paper-pieced quilt(a forever project)
This week's stats:
Completed projects - 0
New projects -0
Currently in progress - 4
Now it is your turn! Link your own progress at Freshly Pieced and take a peek on how everyone else is doing.

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Great weather today. The winter is not coming to Greece...and I hope it won't come for a bit much longer. I've been pinning a lot lately, and here are some of these weeks favorite antique quilts. Have a nice weekend!