I was so excited when I finished my first "large" quilt, early this summer, that I could not believe how great it came out. I started it February 2011 (yes I was that slow...) and finished it in June. The chosen fabrics layed in my shelves for about a year until I decided that something has to come out.
The idea was to make a baby play quilt, along with a plush toy, as a gift for her bauptism. And this is the result.
The plush was really fun to make, and it came out pretty large in size. The fabrics I used where from:
  • Michael Miller "groovy guitars" "large pretty petals", "Large Leafy Stripe", "Large Curly Swirl", "Zoology"
  • Sherri Berry "Have a sheri Berry Holiday"
  • Alexander Henry "Briquetage Turquoise"
  • Robert Kaufman Kona cotton: Emerald, turquoise (i think)....
+Front of the quilt
+Back of the quilt

+All ready!

+Roby and the plush-cube
Sometimes things come out so simple but still so unique...I hope she is enjoying it!

It has always been more fun to sew stuff, knowing that someone close would enjoy them. My dear friend Katerina wanted an organic cotton bumper for her little girl. She chose to use the Birch Fabrics line MARINE which are simply adoring for a newborn baby crib.
Beautiful organic cotton prints are hard to find, and Birch Fabrics is providing a super cute series.
It was the first time I tried sewing a bumper, and while sewing I promised that I will never do it again. It was pretty difficult managing the length of the fabric. The best part is that I had a very good guide from the book: “Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers”. It includes very good guidance on how to sew a crib bumper.
She is now enjoying her beautiful bumper.
And now the fabrics!
We spent most of our time in flea markets, finding stuff and enjoying the good weather...If only I had more space to carry more!!

These are fat quarters of fabrics resembling a lot to Liberty (but not Liberty).

I bought the "map" fabric to make our new sofa pillows...I hope they'll come out ok.

These were super-cheap! and I think they will be great as binding or backing.
The following were for my husband, whose idea is to applique them in his old clothes!

I really enjoyed buying fabric, because I usually buy everything online, and this time I had the chance to try it on my fingers before buying. Of course the prices were not as cheap as buying from the US. but there were also some top bargains!
My August trip included nine days in Amsterdam, where we decided to spend our vacations. The delight of finding an actual (to be precise two!) quilting shop, was just a dream for me.

First stop at "Den Haan & Wagenmakers" a beautiful quilt shop where you can find traditional dutch fabrics, useful books and quilting accessories. I bought my wonderful copy of "Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt" book, that I was so eager to buy, and also a lot of specialized rulers for quilting.

Second stop at Birdblocks, a dream fabric shop, that provided me with 2 of my favorite quilting books, "Material Obsession" and "Quilting From little things".