Time to praise our artists!
Today we will enter the world of Greek crafters...some really talented people, that will amaze you.
lila ruby king from Athens, fabric, jewelery, illustration.

10antemeridiem from Athens, illustration.
karmologyclinic from Marathonas, retro clothing.
oR Handmade from Athens, modern clothing.

Have a nice week!!!
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My vacations are coming in a week, and I am really excited...I'll tell you about it in another post. Right now it is time to admire the wisdom and legacy of past times.
Source: flickr.com via Zarkadia on Pinterest
Source: flickr.com via M on Pinterest
My new embroidered labels have just arrived.
They are exactly as I imagined them. I purchased them at worldwidelabel. They were really helpful while I decided what type/size of labels to make. I strongly recommend them.
The Zarkadia labels are meant for my quilts, while the Z labels for my pouches and other smaller products.
August is on its way to an end, and I have done absolutely nothing, regarding any unfinished quilting projects. I only finished a couple of hexagon flowers, and I am still trying to finish my superheroes embroidery. And the worst is that I feel terribly guilty.
But still, this summer was so hot and the beach was so tempting that I decided that I am ok with the non-quilting mood.
These beautiful quilts will be my guide for the weekend, enjoy!
PS. Dedicated to my newly born niece Anna...

One of the hottest summer of Greece, and I am in Peloponnese (aka Africa). It is impossible to do anything rather than stay at home, and go to the beach at afternoon when the sun is milder.
Being around the web you discover "diamonds", and very precious ones. Today we will be hosting four artists from Sweden than are really interesting.
lalalabel from Stockholm, illustration.

latenightdrawing from Stockholm, screen printing.

jeezvanilla from Stockholm, modern ceramics.

linajohansson from Gothenburg, patterned items.

Have a nice week!!!
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My Saturday finds, in a super-super hot, African-like HOT summer in Greece...No quilting, no sewing is possible...