A few months back I bought some incredible solid fabrics. The colors of the fabrics seemed amazingly wonderful in the photos. Well the surprise when they arrived was unspeakable! The feel and touch of them was just heaven!
I totally recommend the Pure Elements by Art Gallery. You will definetely think that Kona solids are trash compared to those.
I came upon a beautiful quilt on the web using those fabrics, so I thought I am definetely making this one! I am currently in the cutting process.
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The original quilt uses the "Disappearing Nine Patch" block as its main block, that I find it very easy to make. I found this great tutorial in the tube that explains how to make this super-easy block, and I thought I should share it.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
I am sure you will all have a very wip-py Wednesday! Head over to Freshly Pieced to see how is everybody wip-ping today!!!
The current state of my sewing room, as I've started many new projects, and in the same time I have to complete many new orders!
It is like a dream come true and I just have to manage my stress as my real job demands much more from me.
I've made a promise to myself for the new year. Sew a quilt for each month of the year...but where are the quilts?
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A few months ago I bought a great quilting book, that I am so in love with, the "Material Obsession", and started stydying.
At about the same time in a village nearby, I discovered free quilting and patchwork classes! Our teacher has just showed as how to make the dresden plate block. One of my favorite quilts in the book is one involving dresden plates, that I considered them really difficult to sew. But I thought I should give it a try.
I spend a whole day searching through my stack of fabrics, and I decided to go with two lines: Annie's Farm Stand and Riley Blake's Sew Cherry, and the results so far:
+First cutting

My main problem is that I have to buy some fabric for the backing and also for the middle circles, since the one I have is clearly not enough.
To be continued...
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The production never stops. I so love combining fabrics....so more pouches available in the shop.
+Garden in blue
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More pouches to come.
You can order them in the shop.

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More pouches that were finished and sold during the christmas holidays.

You can order them NOW in the shop.
During christmas I finished a gift for my mother. Two handsewn, totally handmade with no machine sewing, square mats. I started them as a project for the quilting lessons that I am taking this year, and I realised how much I enjoy hand sewing.
I am definetely going to try hand sewing a bigger project!

Christmas is officially over...and we are back in our house with our spirit filled with images and words. We had a great time visiting our hometowns, and I thought that I should share some of it.
We visited a beautiful bio-farm in a village near Serres, that hosts ducks, chickens, fruit trees, vegetables...everything grewn by the hands of a very courageous woman. You can find more info (only in greek) on how to buy the farm products here.
The duck lagoon

Our next stop was the calm and friendly lake of Kerkini. We did a little of birdwatching, walking and of course tried to mingle among the buffalos.
Kerkini lake

Hope you all had a great time!