As you' ve already figured out, Saturdays are Theme Days, meaning I am selecting a theme and I post pictures of creations I like from other crafters.
Today is Embroidery day!
Have a nice weekend.
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Or not? Well it is meant as a gift for a friend, so when I chose the fabric I was thinking "masculine". But it is perfect for me also...
 I used an Ikea fabric that I had on my stash for ages...and it does fit for an apron...
+my beautiful golden posing for the picture
The pattern is from the book "Linen, wool, cotton" of Akiko Mano, and it was super-easy to make and understand the instructions. The author suggests a linen fabric, that I am sure that fits this type of apron a lot more.
Amy Butler series.
Soon to be for sale!
+inside view
+closed pouch view

+closed pouch view
+inside view
+inside view
+closed pouch view
+inside view
+closed pouch view
More photos on Flickr.
Fabrics: Amy Butler and Kate Spain
It's pillow day!
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I've been hand quilting like crazy the past week to finish this quilt. I had many problems, since it was the first time I tried it. Working with the hoop made it very difficult for me, and so I finished it without using the hoop. I hope I did it ok...What do you think?

Girlie dresses:
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I started this mini quilt over the weekend, and I guess that I will finish it (!) pretty soon... The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Group has been an amazing inspiration for me.
I started the "Autumn Tints" block (No. 2 on the Farmer's wife book) and it grew up into this mini quilt.
To be continued....
Little pillow ornaments for the car...
made for my gaming friends at Travian (an online game).
Greetings to "Hellas Team"!
Every Saturday is going to be Theme Day for this blog.

I'll be choosing a  certain theme and post photos from all those beautiful things that I find on the web, including that theme.
We will start with color, RED:
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Just yesterday, we 've decided to set up a little better my workspace. I was for about 8 months in our basement, but it was a complete failure (apparently the space was too small...), and now I will be sharing our playroom.

And this is my room for the time being:
+my dear Pfaff
+fabric stash
Have a nice day!
A very dear friend of mine brought me his mother's serger, that is an bsolute beauty. We spent 2 hours trying to set it up (it is working but we still don't know how to thred it) and now I think it has found its place. It is an old professional serger "Dürkopp Adler" that is definetely a great asset for my work.

Thank you very much Dimitri!

Work In Progress: new mini quilt.
Experimentations sometimes lead to good results, and when you want to offer them as gifts, than inspiration comes easier.
Gifts for friends:
+front "House-Birdie"
+back "House-Birdie"
+front "For Hara"

+front "For Hara"
+front "Changing pad"

+back detail "Changing pad"