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The week has just started and it seems a regular one.
Nevertheless, planing my next business move appeared to me as a huge mountain that has just become a hill, that is very easy to cross. So I am seriously thinking of opening a shop on etsy or dawanda or somewhere else...
But have you ever had the feel that you will not be able to manage with the "load" of doing something so new and so "strange" (to whatever you have been doing your whole life), that in the end is a great challenge to be bold and just do it!
I've been reading some great posts of advices on how to support you own crafting business, on how to advertise it, and I've spent the weekend trying to figure out if it will be profitable for my pocket to leap into the crafting business.
Sorry for the non-understandable words above, but my head is a mess lately, and I had the need to share this. I leave you with some of my questions...(more to come!) Whom ever wants to leave an answer, you are more than welcome.
1. If I consider my creativity as "business" will it be decreased?
2. If I keep buying supplies (I admit that I am a fabric addict) when will I use them?
3. If I keep buying supplies will I be able to keep a balance between expenses and income?
4. Opening a shop isn't it a commitment?
5. Why the do I have to open a facebook account in order to sell more?

Zafira Vaxevanidou

I'm Zafira and I live in Greece. I love quilting and Geek & Sundry. Recently I opened a new YouTube Channel called The Quilt Codex, and it's aim is to make 2000 quilt block tutorials! Visit us!

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