A summer of embroidering

It was time to finish some other "UFO's" that were hanging around for a really long time, and being on vacations, really helps.
I finished my superheroes "portraits", that I absolutely adore, and also the Stark family in all its past glory!
(I am a Game of Thrones addict since the first episode-who isn't?).
Photos did not come out very well, but anyway I had to post it!
Game of Thrones
I am now doing some other TV Series cross stitch...but for now no more disclosures...
Game of Thrones
Working on my Swoon 2013 blocks! And it feels so good!

Linking to Amanda, over at Crazy Mom Quilts, for a super Finish-It-Up-Friday!

Zafira Vaxevanidou

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  1. Love your cross stitch projects Zafeira and your Swoon is looking amazing too!