Google reader is closing!

For all of you who were using Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs, Google has announced that its Reader will be closing the 1st of July 2013.
So everyone is searching to use new platforms for reading and be up to date, of their favorite topics. Personally, I have never used Google Reader, I didn't find it so compelling as other platforms.


I have been using Bloglovin for more than 2 years now, and I find it the best choice for following my favorite blogs. The great part is that moving to Bloglovin' from Google Reader is very simple. You import your Google RSS Feeds in one click. There is a really cool tutorial on how to pass from Google Reader to Bloglovin' HERE.

Follow Zarkadia

Just follow the link of the picture bellow to follow my blog through BLOGLOVIN'. It is that easy!
Follow on Bloglovin
Or via RSS Reader: HERE

Other places you can find me

Facebook: my Zarkadia Facebook page. Here I share my photos, my newest posts, almost everything crafting related.
Twitter: No need to mention anything...Twitter rules!
Instagram: The newest thing for me. 
Pinterest: It is the most addictive thing on the web. All of my inspiration comes from here!
Google+: Just started using it, and I have been forwarding all of my newest posts there.
Flickr: I share most of my photos on Flickr, and I've been using it more than any other social media platform.
Tumblr: In Tumblr I keep a blog posting most of my favorite quilts and crafts from all over the world.

Be sure to make your change soon, and follow your favorite blogs non-stop!

Zafira Vaxevanidou

I'm Zafira and I live in Greece. I love quilting and Geek & Sundry. Recently I opened a new YouTube Channel called The Quilt Codex, and it's aim is to make 2000 quilt block tutorials! Visit us!

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