A very long absense Pt2

Robby on vacations
Robby on vacations
i-pholia i-pholia Returning to Thessaloniki was a bit difficult at first because we did not have our own house, so we were guests at my parents' home. But lucky us, I had an uncle in the island of Thassos (northern Greece), so we decided to continue our vacations! We had an amazing time, met wonderful people and rested a lot!! I even finished a huge embroidery project that I started in August (I will post about it later). I also managed to read three books!

Robby was really upset for living his home, and at first he had a few seizures (I don't know if I mentioned but he is epileptic), but on the island he had an amazing time, everyday swimming, making friends...

We also visited the amazing farm of a very dear friend, and bought many goodies (fresh white cheese, eggs, groceries, etc). You can find more about the farm here.

Last days of September we returned to Thessaloniki to search for a place to stay, and finally after a small adventure, first of November we had our own home. Soon I will post photos of our new place (it is really gorgeous). I have my own sewing room (yeah!), that I am still trying to set up, and dedicate completely in sewing quilts and accessories.

My shop is up and running again, and soon it will be enriched with many many goodies!!!
See you soon!

Zafira Vaxevanidou

I'm Zafira and I live in Greece. I love quilting and Geek & Sundry. Recently I opened a new YouTube Channel called The Quilt Codex, and it's aim is to make 2000 quilt block tutorials! Visit us!

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