Saturday is never a resting day

Unfortunately I have to spend the day cleaning and I really don't know if I will have the time to make some progress in any of my quilt projects. And I really miss them!
My progress this week: I spent the past week preparing some new orders, and one client made a custom order choosing a great set of fabrics for her tobacco pouch. And the result:
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+ inside view
+closed pouch view

Kisses to all, and have a nice weekend.

Zafira Vaxevanidou

I'm Zafira and I live in Greece. I love quilting and Geek & Sundry. Recently I opened a new YouTube Channel called The Quilt Codex, and it's aim is to make 2000 quilt block tutorials! Visit us!


  1. Hello Zafiera I hope you have time to quilt today,I always do my house chores as fast as possible so I can quilt, I sign up with disqus ,but I am new so I have no idea how it works or if my blog shows up on blog is I don't make a post to often wish I had more time,do you listen to pat sloan radio show on I do check it out it is nice to listen while quilting in your studio. .happy sewing. theodora

  2. Hi here I am again I just verified my e-mail with disqus and now I think I am ok. have you checked out television show with Eleanor Burns it is wonderful do check it out if you haven't done yet. I love to watch her she is very entertaining you will love her.take care

  3. Thank you Theodora. Great info! I am already downloading the podcast for the radio show....

  4. Hi Zafeira I am trying to leave a comment on your post ,but can't figure out how to ,anyway I love you quilt with the solids ,I am also making one with solids ,had so many solid fabrics I got carried away and made so many blocks it will be two quilts,have a nice kathara deftera. and I hope you enjoy the radio show I know I do.theodora