New website,!!

Zafira Vaxevanidou

I'm Zafira and I live in Greece. I love quilting and Geek & Sundry. Recently I opened a new YouTube Channel called The Quilt Codex, and it's aim is to make 2000 quilt block tutorials! Visit us!


  1. I am loving the new website. Although, I will miss this old place. I do not know why I get nostalgic about old websites and leaving them and when they are redone. I mean it is just data that does not actually exist. But I did like the homey feeling of this site so I will miss it a little.

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO

  2. Great to see the new domain being purchased! Things can only get bigger and better from here. I recently purchased a new domain for myself and have seen an increase in traffic that has definitely helped me with my small shop. Enjoy the new site and unparalleled satisfaction and freedom that comes with it!

    Zack @ MyNetWire

  3. I am sure you are relieved to have the new site up. I can remember when we were first getting our site up. It was a total mess. I had no clue was I was doing and this was before the days of being able to really build your own website with all of the great templates that are available.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing