Peek quilt: a finish

I am living currently in my pink period. I really hated that color as a child but now it has come back to haunt me...

This is the "Peek" quilt, a gift for my newly born niece Anna...While making it, I really put all my love on this quilt. It is the first time that I 've felt like that and I also made it really faster from my usual creative pace. I am so happy that I will give it next weekend on my trip to Thessaloniki!!! I hope her mother likes it...

Now some info on the making of: I used the amazing-all time favorite prints of Sarah Jane "Children at play" and the pattern is from the "Fresh from the clothesline" book of Darlene Zimmerman. The sashing is Art gallery fabrics, from the Pure Element collection (an very silky-soft solid fabric).

Of course my husband and our golden retriever Robbie, helped me with the photoshoot... we had a lot of fun!

For the backing, I thought about it a lot...and then it came to me to try some machine letter applique (yes this is the first time...!) Well, it came out marvellous, I really enjoyed it and the backing looks like another quilt that can stand on its own.

The binding was one of my favorite parts. I love hand-binding, and since I learned it, machine binding feels really bad...if you know what I mean! While watching like 7 episodes of different tv series, I managed to bind the whole thing. I used the scraps from the quilt and it came out just amazing!
Have a nice weekend, and keep on quilting!
+robbie and me
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Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats

Finished quilt measures : 58″x 66″
Special techniques used : applique.
Quilted by : Zafeira (myself) on a Pfaff Select 4.0 (my home machine)
Best Category : Baby Quilt, Quilt Photographer, Throw quilt
Entry No 76

Zafira Vaxevanidou

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  1. Such a sweet quilt. Gorgeous photography!

  2. Amanda @ thecozypumpkinOctober 28, 2012 at 3:34 AM

    The dog and the quilt! Oy! My heart swoons!!! :)

  3. This is a really pretty, vibrant quilt. I especially love the shot with the sun trying to come through the quilt. I've wanted to make this pattern for a while. Yours is just beautiful........she'll love it !

  4. Wow the quilt is beautiful both front and back and I love that brick wall you are standing by - very nice! Thanks for sharing. #263

  5. This is a very pretty quilt. I think these prints are perfect for the pattern. Fun photo shoot too.

  6. a maiden hair fernOctober 29, 2012 at 5:21 AM

    I love the bright pink, and the rock wall.

  7. Thank you all for your comments! The quilt came out so great, that I am definetely going to try this pattern one more time!!

  8. Great quilt. Love the pinkness! I love the color pink and went crazy with it when making a quilt for my best friend's baby when she had a girl since everyone else has had a boy. Great pictures too!

  9. Your quilt is very pretty in these cute prints! Beautiful back. Great pictures :)

  10. Love~love~love this quilt! Great colors, great design!

  11. Kirsten NorthfieldOctober 31, 2012 at 6:32 AM

    Beautiful quilt - really love the design and fabrics!

  12. It's perfect for a little girl, I love the bright colors!

  13. What a simple quilt! Thanks for sharing.